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Allowing Responsible Plans for Giving in Perpetuity
About the Capital Community Foundation

The Capital Community Foundation, Inc. began in 1995 to provide a means by which charitable donors could develop a responsible plan for giving in perpetuity. A national and statewide tax-exempt charitable foundation, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Capital Community Foundation(CCF) ensures that your money accomplishes your charitable goals, while leaving a legacy for your family in the most effective fashion.

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Donor Driven

The CCF allows donors to make contributions of cash or appreciated assets to the CCF. The CCF then manages and invests the assets in a donor-advised family fund. The CCF consults with the donor, and the donor recommends the charitable purposes for which the assets are to be used, thereby allowing the donor to have continuing input into how his or her generosity supports other public charities.

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Your Gift & Legacy is Protected

Simply put, when you establish a family fund with the CCF, your gift is protected under the CCF’s public charity umbrella.  At the same time, you continue to be involved in supporting your favorite charities.

The CCF currently has investment assets of over $30 million and over $50 million pledged to charitable causes in Raleigh and across the United States, Europe and South America.

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Our Mission: For You To Make a Difference

Allowing Responsible Plans for Giving in Perpetuity
Our Mission

The Capital Community Foundation, a tax exempt public charity, provides donors of all means with a way to maximize their charitable objectives while taking advantage of immediate income tax benefits.

Wiser charitable giving allows donors and their families to create a heritage of giving that will bring satisfaction for generations and make a real difference in their communities. CCF wants donors to leave legacies to their families which can be blueprints for leading charitable, involved lives.

Why CCF?

Our Competitive Advantage

The Capital Community Foundation, Inc. (CCF) was established in 1995, by R. Donavon Munford, Jr., with the help of a number of philanthropists, business and community leaders and professionals in the nonprofit world. Currently, Mr. Munford serves as the Chairman of the CCF Board of Directors. The founders had the vision that the CCF would be committed to assisting donors and their families in accomplishing their charitable goals. Charitable giving that is multi-generational and part of a thoughtful process creates legacies in families, leading to charitable and more involved lives.

CCF is a publicly supported community foundation and all funds are guaranteed to be used in the public interest.

You will receive secure stewardship and management of your charitable funds by the CCF’s Board and professional staff. The Board of Directors at CCF is comprised of civic and business leaders and provides a touchstone for the CCF’s charitable mission.

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