Security, Guidance and Flexibility for our Donors

Equipping Donors to Choose Important Causes
How CCF Helps Its Donors

CCF provides donors with security, guidance and the flexibility of having their own personal “foundation” that allows donors to choose the specific charitable causes that are important to them. CCF can provide advice to donors as to how and when such charitable goals might be best addressed.

Donors also will benefit by receiving federal and state income tax deductions and increasing the amount they can actually give to charity. Donors families will continue to have influence over the management of  their family charitable fund, thereby continuing the legacy of charitable involvement.  CCF can provide donors with the ability to sell appreciated assets; such as land or securities, without incurring capital gains taxes.

Most importantly, CCF assists donors by making charitable giving simple and convenient. We coordinate all necessary legal, administrative, accounting and communication functions. It can take less than an hour to create a fund with CCF.

Practical Giving

Assets Donors Often Give

Many charitable and planned gifts are made from a donor’s appreciated assets, as well as from cash. The CCF may accept gifts in the following forms:

Publicly traded stock
Closely held stock
Real property
Will & bequest assets
Charitable remainder trusts
Charitable lead trusts
Life insurance policies
IRA/Retirement Plans

CCF is Simple, Efficient, Evolving, Flexible & Secure

The Necessary Tools To Enable Donor Success

With over 25 years of experience, assets of more than $30 million, the CCF is a 501(c)(3) public charity with donors from all over the United States, Europe and South America. The CCF ensures that your money accomplishes your charitable goals, while leaving a legacy for your valued causes.


It takes less than an hour to create a fund with the CCF, and working with us could not be simpler. In addition, as a public charity, the CCF offers the highest level of tax benefits available to donors.


A fund with CCF pays no income tax. There are no IRS reporting requirements for a fund because they are covered under the CCF’s Internal Revenue Service Information Return (Form 990). A single financial statement covers all of our funds.


The CCF is dedicated to supporting charitable endeavors that make a difference to today and in perpetuity. Endowments placed at the CCF can be permanent. Your legacy is maintained, and grants can be made perpetually, in the name of your fund, to benefit the community.


There is virtually no limit to the type of charitable planning that can be accomplished through the CCF. We make it easy for donors to support good works of their choice.


You are guaranteed secure stewardship and management by the CCF’s Board and professional staff. The Board of Directors of the Capital Community Foundation is comprised of civic and business leaders. The CCF is dedicated to working closely with donors to ensure that their philanthropic goals are met.


Donor-Advised Funds

By having a donor-advised fund you retain ongoing involvement in the use of your gift.  You work with us to identify ways to use dollars from your fund to address the issues you and your family care most about.

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Benefits of Donor-Advised Funds

Lower costs, Improved Privacy, Immediate Deductions
Reduced administrative responsibilities
Lower costs
More privacy
Immediate tax income deductions
Accept stock and mutual fund donations
Donor determines which charities to recommend for distributions
Greater tax advantages while establishing a legacy of giving

Donor-Advised Funds

A Simple Way to Give

Donor-advised funds have long been offered by community foundations for their ease of use and immediate tax benefits to the donor.  Donor-advised funds (DAF’s) are separate accounts of a sponsoring charitable organization established by donors who retain the right to recommend grants to be made to qualifying charities from the DAF.  DAF’s offer a convenient method of giving that allows flexibility, while at the same time obtaining a charitable deduction under the favorable rules applicable to public charities.

A donor may establish a DAF as an endowed fund that will make distributions for many years in perpetuity and in accordance with their recommendations or their successor’s.  With relative ease, DAF’s are highly efficient not only for donors, but for the charities themselves due to the low transaction costs.

DAF’s are far simpler and less costly a method of giving than creating and maintaining a private foundation.  DAF’s offer superior tax treatment of donations because the gift is made to the sponsoring organization, a public charity.  With certain exceptions, the gift is eligible for a charitable deduction equal to the full market value (FMV).

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